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How do you handle your patients in the hospital? Do you keep a list and check off the patient you see, then take the list to the office every week? Do you sometimes leave it in your lab coat? (Have you even laundered it accidently?) After finding my list did not do well in the Maytag (smelled goo, but no one could read it), I looked for an alternate way to keep up with hospital charges. Around the same time the iPhone came out. Presenting the idea to Brian, the author of SHIFTS, led to HOSPITALS. This program is designed for the iPhone, but works extremely well on the computer. It is done in PHP with AJAX. There are 11,000 ICD-9, codes, but you only need to see your top ranked favorites.

Editing and adding patients is easy. You can do it at the bedside or your staff can do it for you when you receive a consult or a new admission. each time you see the patient, confirm the diagnosis and add the procedure. You can sort by patient, search by hospital, or sort by room number. You can see just your own patients, or when on call, everyone in your groups.

Once you submit your data, it resides on a server - always encrypted. Passwords are never stored on the server, and information is only decrypted in memory - for maximum security. The program is designed to sort encrypted data. Yes, this is patented.

Your office can see the data the second you submit it, and can begin verifying insurance and getting the claim ready. This will save a week and shorten your receivables. Can you afford hospitals? You can't afford NOT to have it. It can send data to a MS Excel sheet, and can also be configured to work with your office software program.

It was developed through several conversations back and forth between our office, our billing team and our programmer - development cycle was minutes and days. The program is ready for you to use. Since it always resides on our server, changes made are done in the background. No CDS or downloads. Training is done online. 1st tier support is done by office personnel, not computer personnel - so they understand your problems. There is a second tier support level that is more technical, but you probably will not need them very often. Enjoy!!

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